VIZINARY is a creative initiative started by artist Joseph “J.See” Koroma in 2019. The streetwear brand which features his classic VIZINARY eye logo is meant to be enjoyed by all who dare to tap into their truth. Those who choose to sport the eye become  part of a deeper collective. Anyone who wishes to live their VIZIN, or loves to see others attain theirs. Minimalist, simple, comfortable, stylish: VIZINARY

Behind The Brand 


It all started with this hat right here. I was honestly just looking to make a custom piece for myself and had no intention of selling anything. I wore it in a couple of posts on instagram and was just proud to have made a product come to life. The positive response to it definitely caught me by surprise. People began asking me where they could buy their own. At the time the answer was simply "nowhere" but I knew I had to change that quickly. Over time I began to design sweaters and shirts as well. Eventually, I launched a short lived website where people could purchase their gear. Unfortunately, I had to halt production do to unforeseen costs but I look forward to launching another drop very soon!