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New Age Sexual Wellness

UX Strategy | Brand Strategy

The Big Idea

Thankfully our society has progressed to a point where outdated societal norms are receiving long overdue re-evaluations. Tremendous strides have been made to embrace sexuality and its different facets. Unfortunately, the B+M side of things is severely lagging behind and stuck in the past. Maude will be the brand to offer a much needed update to these spaces and the role they play in the world. 

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My Role

  • Strategy Formulation

  • Social Listening

  • Conducting 1-on-1 Interview

  • Creating content concepts and mockups 


Let’s Talk About Sex 

To quote the lovely ladies of Salt-N-Peppa: let’s talk about sex. Specifically, let’s address the state of brick and mortar sex shops. In 24 years of living I avoided entering these establishments like the plague. For this project I began analyzing the landscape to see what the industry had to offer. Often what I came across were creepy places that look like a bad mix between a Jordan Peele movie and a Party City

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The world’s attitude towards sex is healthier than any other point in history, but these shops were still positioning it as a “naughty” desire. By leaning into its taboo nature, they are missing a huge opportunity to liberate the public and normalize the topic. We wanted to set things right and develop a brand that could step up to this crucial challenge

Learning Outcomes

In order to  deliver a B+M experience that would actually serve the public, we had to find out how people perceive the current state of things. What did they love? What was missing? Through plenty of candid conversations and research we got to the root of our issue.

  1. A sex toy store’s outward aesthetic is the first major barrier These spaces give visitors a chance to tangibly see what's out there, but they are intimidating to enter

  2. There are many people excluded from a sex-positive conversation Stores primarily cater to a male and heterosexual audience

  3. Current visits are primarily occasional These interactions and conversations are rare

Let’s Talk About Sex 

The Maude Shop 


The exterior of the store is very inviting and warm. There is ample greenery and seating for visitors to enjoy the space.

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Front Desk
Front Desk

Visitors are first greeted by our Maude Shop representatives. They welcome them to the store and offer to guide them through products and answer all questions.

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Once they've chatted with representatives and gotten their drinks, Maude Shoppers can interact with each other in our chic lounge area.

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The exterior of the store is very inviting and warm. There is ample greenery and seating for visitors to enjoy the space.

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Our solution was the Maude Shop.  A reimagined B+M experience that goes against all conventions. There are several features that help subvert the archaic norms we’ve been subjected to. From intentionally designed lounge spaces to a full on bar, The Maude shop makes comfort a priority. Rather than being a place you wouldn’t be caught dead in, it’s a place where you’ll truly feel alive. 

Our overarching goal was to normalize conversations around the topic sex. We wanted to make sure to do it in ways that were equal parts engaging and enjoyable. The Maude Shop works so well because it educates visitors and prompts them to explore. The next step was to think about other ways we could achieve this goal while reinforcing brand loyalty. Our answer: MaudeTV

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a multi-platform podcast network focused on sexual wellness and furthering the conversations around it. We’re in the content age where brands are looking for alternative ways for spreading messages to their audiences. Podcasts work so well because they allow us to educate while also creating intimacy and routine interaction. As a self-admitted podcast junkie, I can attest to the major role a good show can play in the lives of listeners. I “produced” three show ideas to get the network rolling and you can see the details on each of them below

A “Maudern” Approach 

Maude is an online retailer who we chose to work through. Their brand offers a fresh take on adult products and frames the conversation around wellness. While their image was a little too neutral, they stood on principles we aligned with: quality|simplicity|Inclusivity 

The Plan

Consumer Truth



People don’t see sex toy stores as comfortable and authentic places to explore sexuality

The B+M side to the sexual wellness industry is lagging behind ecommerce due to an antiquated infrastructure and misplaced stigma

Get newcomers to feel comfortable in the sexual wellness industry by lowering the barrier to entry and making the process itself an act of self-care. 

Continuing the Convo

You Made It! 


My Team:    Joey Koroma (ST)

                      Ali Weiner (ST)

                      Dennis Liu (XD)

                      Charlotte Olmsted (XD)