For most that is. Which is why when I tell people i'm a rapper their reactions always tend to skew towards disbelief. How could this quiet, nice, mild mannered guy be a rapper of all things? Well after hearing a song there's nothing left to question: J.See is a star. It's been 6 years of putting effort into this and even I am shocked at how things have progressed.

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Kidding Around

I wish I could say that from the age of 3 I knew that I would be destined  for glory, but that wasn't the case. I was just an awkward kid with the confidence of a door knob. English was my favorite subject in school and I was pretty good with words. All of the guys at lunch would freestyle rap and make fun of each other and I would always have the best punchlines. People told me I should start making songs and one day I started making remixes under to name Kid JC. Lo and behold people began to really take a liking to my stuff and I started to become known as "the rapper". Up until high school music still was a hobby of mine, but honestly nothing more than a pipe dream.

The Rebrand

Eventually college started and this would be the greatest time of my life right? Wrong! I had a terrible adjustment to college life. After a big breakup and a struggle to make new friends, I began to isolate and spiral into a deep depression. My confidence was depleted and it felt like the only time I saw myself with any positivity  was while writing raps in my phone. I could be a whole different person. In my regular life I looked down on myself and felt unremarkable, but through the music I carried a bravado that was unmatched. Eventually faking it led to making it and I began to return back to my usual state. If anything I was even more confident and it was all owed to the version of myself I saw while making music. I wanted to channel that guy and ultimately named him J.See. Accompanied by my trademark eye imagery, the name reminds me to always look for the superstar that I know is inside me.


Making The Leap

Now that I had this newfound character, I had to find a way to share him with the world. The harsh truth I learned was that I had to start thinking of myself as a business. A brand that was operating in an extremely saturated market of unsigned artists. This meant investing in myself if I had any hopes of even smelling the big leagues. One of my first steps was getting my catalog on major DSP's like Apple Music and Spotify. Then I began to invest HEAVILY in production and promotion. Each song, video, and advertisement had to be better than the last. Also, as an independent artist I was completely self funded and operating on a shoestring budget. While my friends were buying the newest Jordans, I was buying a new desktop for my home studio. At first it was really disheartening because I was making major sacrifices and my results just weren't synching up. After sticking to the grind I'm proud to say in year 6, my music has been streamed all around the world and I've been able to connect with people from oceans away. I've been featured on a major playlist, gotten radio spins globally, and even secured a brand partnership where I got the opportunity to "play influencer" and receive my own promo code. It's safe to say I came a long way from those lunchtime freestyles.


Major growth in 1 year!


Landed on an international radio station through a feature I did 

Voila everyone: My first brand partnered post