Moving for the Greater Good

Brand Strategy | Product innovation

The Big Idea

At the time of this project, Theragun was a product-centric brand that was adored by niche consumers. Unfortunately one of their largest customer bases was left to face dire consequences as a result of the pandemic. We devised a plan for Theragun to save the day and impact lives in a major way. 



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My Role

  • Conducted initial brand research

  • Identified meaningful target customer profiles

  • Designed and developed consumer persona

  • Created social mock-ups

  • Actively participated in activation development


People’s Choice

From the first glance you can look at Theragun’s products and tell they’re not your average massagers. Their sleek design and unique structure are what catches the eye. What captures the soul is the unreal relief people feel after using them. Through patented technology, Theragun’s line of percussive massagers helps people overcome their aches and pains. They’ve gained a fanbase that could rival those of many celebrities. As a matter of fact, there’s a good chance those celebrities are Theragun fans themselves. Shakira, Adam Levine, Chelsea Handler, and a myriad of others are all in on Theragun


The Theragun Family 

While our products are a hit with the stars, people from all walks of life show them the same love. Typically Theragun’s clientele can be broken down into these key groups:

Image by Victor Freitas
Edge-seeking Elite Athletes

Those who engage in intense physical activity and rely on Theragun products for recovery after testing their body's limits

Everyday Wellness Champion

People who primarily see fitness as a wellness activity. While their intensity level is mild, they use our products for relief from aches and pains 

Those In Need of Extra Support

Individuals suffering from chronic pain due to conditions like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's,etc.

A Newfound Need

All Theragun users rely on their massagers, but few depend on them like Those In Need of Extra Support. Because of their uphill battles with their conditions they need all of the help they can get. Approximately 20 percent of U.S. adults currently deal with chronic pain. Likewise, 60 percent of them have at least one disorder that can result in chronic pain. Our group wanted to develop a meaningful solution for this already vulnerable target. 

Those In Need of Extra Support

Target Learning 

In addition to Theragun products, they depended on a long list of professionals to help them manage their illnesses. COVID-19 made it extremely difficult for these people to get the help they so desperately needed. Our persona Karen helps detail the attitudes, thoughts, and desires of this audience 

Meet Karen 

A strong willed woman who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2011. While disheartened at first, she took proactive steps towards managing her pain and getting her life back. Through a carefully crafted system of specialists she attained normalcy. Now that COVID has shattered that system she is left feeling helpless. In the meantime she finds slight comfort through interacting on online forums with others in similar situations. Ultimately this disruption of her care takes  a major toll on her psychological and physical health

Karen Persona

Network of Support

Physical Therapist

Recreation Therapist 




Occupation Therapist 

Social Network



COVID caused a network and routine disruption


Consumer Takeaways

After combining our persona learnings with the results of social listening on various chronic pain forums and one-on-one interviews, our team landed on three key takeaways.

1. The loss of a physical health network creates opportunity for a creative solution

2. People’s mental health has taken a significant hit and they feel like they've lost even more control over their conditions

3. Digital spaces have become safe havens for people to relate with each other 

Bridging The Gap 


Can we find a unique way to substitute our target’s missing network and give them autonomy over their progress again?  

Internal Resource

Theragun's extensive and well renowned network of medical professionals and celebrities

External Trend

Advancements in technology, especially in the exercise space


Supply our audience with resources that fit  their individual needs through our unique network.

See how we did it below!)


Develop a platform that supports users by providing them with guided physical activity and information they would normally receive from their specialists. 


The Idea:

 An interactive platform that gives users step-by-step guidance through countless activities. Their participation is rewarded on a points based system and detailed analytics are being recorded to maximize progress

TheragunMove X VERA

Theragun move

An accessible and personalized physical activity motivator to get you moving for what matters to you 

because what moves you, moves us.


VERA is a platform that helps users in their healing journey through a various means including 3D motion-capture technology and Telehealth visits. VERA will also leverage the extensive Theragun Professional Network which is made up of certified professionals in the wellness space. 

TN 3.png
TN 2.png

The Theragun Social Network is a major aspect of TheragunMove's success. Professional athletes, actors, and musicians all credit their performance to our product and they proudly champion our offerings. Using their cultural currency will help us spread awareness to casual users. These influencers will go on to sponsor content which users can unlock with points earned on the app. 

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TheragunMove offers users personalized, accessible, and gamified motivation. Each experience is customized, but all share the same desired outcome of support. Its launch will be delivered  through a 3 phase approach.

Phase 1: Short Pre-launch

Goal: Build momentum, buzz, and brand trust amongst prospective users


Phase 2: Launching the Platform

Goal: Release the app/online extension and exclusive content


onboard 2.png

User personalization is very important and it begins during the onboarding process. Users are prompted to answer questions about their mobility, interests, motivators, and access to equipment.


Screen Shot 2021-03-13 at 8.05.19 PM.png

Each custom user profile would include different features such as archived workouts, a point tracker, and suggestions for activities. Mood, pain, and movement would also be tracked to ensure that users have a record which can they reference for future doctor's appointments. 

A Typical Week

Engaging in physical activity results in the earning of points which ultimately unlock content that is tailored to their unique interests.  (See example below)

TheragunMove (1).png
TheragunMove (2).png
TheragunMove (3).png

The End of The Month

Monthly tracker.png

At the end of the month users will receive a detailed report on their progress which only strengthens their journey.  Rewards for discounted Therabody product kits and one-one-one specialist consultations will also be offered to members who remain active on the platform. 

Phase 3: Continuing the Conversation

Goal: Send Theragun devices out, bolster donations, and cultivate spaces for UGC

Yay! After moving for 75 days, you earned 4,000 points. Now, one Theragun Kit is on it’s way to Daxton Jacob in Philadelphia, PA! 

After extensive time spent on the platform earning points, the rewards move from being inwardly focused, to outwardly focused. In addition to unlocking media and deals that interest our users, they can engage in philanthropy by using their points to gift a Theragun to someone else in need.

Expected Outcomes

1) Empower people with chronic pain to take achievable steps to staying active by simplifying tracking and personalizing motivation.

2) Inspire users to take part in giving back by providing an accessible method for change-making.  

Introducing: TheragunMove

Why TheragunMove?

TheragunMove Shifts from a clinical mindset to a creative one. 


It empowers people without access to treatment by improving their own health. Their feelings of power only elevate as they are also able to help others. This allows them to switch from a victim mentality to a victor mentality.

The platform builds awareness for chronic pain and integrates a tangible opportunity for them to take action.


Lastly, it speaks to the higher purpose Theragun serves in the lives of their supporters. Thus, allowing them to push beyond product

You Made It! 


My Team:    Joey Koroma (ST)

                      Ali Weiner (ST)

                      Lucy Mungo (ST)